The December 7 election is shaping up as a clarion call for the next generation of voters, and students at the Islamic University College heeded to that call when the First Time Voters Project team visited the school on Tuesday.
Most of the gathered students, who were visibly excited about voting for the first time, reiterated that they needed to be proactive and not allow themselves to be muted in the electoral exercise that is very crucial in the coming months.
“I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout of the students today,” Project Lead of The First Time Voters Project, Sandra Ankobiah, said. “Their devotion, passion and willingness to come and learn what the electoral processes are went beyond my expectations. Their commitment gives all of us hope for the future of this country,” she added.
Speaking to the gathered crowd, Sandra Ankobiah encouraged students to partake in the whole electoral process which will put forward the electoral and political reforms needed for democratisation. She also advised them on the need to embrace peace and desist from partaking in any form of electoral violence.
“We want to inform students beyond just having the right to vote. We want a vibrant Ghana for future generations but that will mean young people understanding the privileges and opportunities available to them,” Sandra said.

“This is why the First Time Voters Project is dedicated to enlightening young voters on the importance of getting involved in the political process.”
Guest Speaker for the event, Mr. Gladstone Agboada, a Returning Officer of the Electoral Commission took the students through the electoral and voting process and also electoral offences. He also commended The First Time Voters Project as a great initiative, which will address the decline in young people’s political and electoral participation.

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