Radio /TV Personality  Nisirine Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku, got married to Ahuma Cabutey Adodoadji, her boyfriend of seven years on Saturday October 4, some 2 years ago.

Ahuma Cabutey taking  to micro blog Facebook, reechoed  his undying love for Naa Ashorkor, who aside many other endeavours, is host of The Zone on Starr FM.

Naa in response to the post by her husband, expressed gratitude to Mr. Adodoadji.



On the eve of her marriage to her new husband, Naa Ashorkor who is also the host of  Tales from the Powder Room on Gh one TV told the world what attracted her to him.

In an interview on Starr FM on the eve of her wedding, The Perfect Picture Actress said even though she had dreamt of a “tall and deep voiced man”, her husband had something spectacular about him that was irresistible. “He is intelligent, he’s super smart, he has a great brain and I think that’s what drives me crazy.

“I realise now that what I thought I wanted is not actually what I want. I’m a very simple girl and I appreciate simplicity in everything. So I realise now that I just want someone I can be happy with and that’s what I have now and I’m grateful to God for giving him to me,” she said.

Naa and Cabutey met on the former’s first day at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2006. Cabutey was then in his final year and they became friends. They started dating after two years and have been an “inseparable force” since then.

From us at we them all the best of marriage life.

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