Ace Ghanaian musicologist Prof. Emeretus Kwabena Nketia is set to summon mentor and composer Ephriam Amu come Sunday October 16th in an event which will reenact conversation about some of our most authentic rhymes and rhythms.

Dr Ephriam Amu is credited with composing the national anthem “Yen Ara Asase Ni” among other top choral works. This, coupled with teaching and authoring extensive literature on Ghanaian music, have made him a reference point in discussions concerning the historicity Ghanaian music.

An Evening with Dr. Ephriam Amu and Prof. Emeretus Kwabena Nketia, as the event is dubbed, will also see The Harmonious Chorale thrill patrons at the National Theatre, Accra.

Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia, 95, is widely acclaimed to be perhaps the most widely published author on African music, and therefore its “best-known authority” currently.

The event comes off 4:00 pm, and is free to the public.


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