Accra Fashion Week 2016 presents its show schedule with designers from all over Africa and further. The event is set to be a fun filled event with much celebrities and fashion and entertainment personalities present showcasing the latest trends and introducing fashion from all over the world including USA, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, South Africa, UK, Netherlands and much more.

Although, the show is also strictly focused on the business of fashion and it’s the first fashion event in Ghana to focus primarily on the involvement of fashion boutiques as it’s target audience. This is to encourage a designer boutique buyers culture which has been missing in Ghana and most of Sub Sahara Africa. A process which the organizers believe is the lifeline to really developing a fashion industry in Ghana.

During the 27th African Union (AU) summit in Kigali, Rwanda, the AU passport was launched. The limitless opportunities this decision relay for African business is overwhelming. Within, the African Fashion business will grow better. Having a larger market means more sales, which is what all business seek. Having an Africa where reaching over millions people becomes very easy will mean a larger market for all business.

Accra Fashion week which is exploring all fashion trend across Africa becomes comfortable for designers, boutique owners and people to participate. Having a visa-free passport is instrumental to the creation of a border less Africa which will, in turn, accelerate socio-economic growth. The hustle of getting Visa will soon be old news and conquering the new African market becomes the focus.

According to Acha Leke, the Director of Mckinsey & Company, the passport is essential in order to boost tourism revenue and increase intra-African trade. African Union currently have 54 sovereign states and this means limitless openings to 54 countries.

Accra Fashion week welcomes this news and sees a much bigger vision for the brand. Be part of this year’s event, and find out how you can participate in the shows by clicking here or call +233(0)233622008


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