Rapper-turned-pastor Lazy Dog, of now defunct group Ancestors, has disclosed that hiplife, which he was part of since his days in secondary school, that such acts as Obrafour, Joe Frazier, and Okomfour Kwaadee injected positive rivalry into the game:

“Competition in hiplife started around 2000 when Obrafour, Tictac, Joe Frazier, and Okomfour Kwaadee arrived”, he tells Hitz FM Friday morning.

Obrafour’s 1999 debut, Pae Mu Ka for instance, is generally regarded¬† a hiplife classic. Tictac, Joe Frazier, and Okomfour Kwaadee also recorded widely popular songs which hold remarkable appeal till this day.

Lazy Dog chalked immense success along with partners Yanky and Froggy Eyes right around the time Akyeame, and Nananom were were also gaining popularity. Both¬† Yanky and Froggy Eyes, he reveals, are now into full-time ministry: “Yanky is now an elder in a church. Froggy Eyes is also a pastor”.

Now referred to as Rev. Joel Agyeman Duah, he’s founder and leader of Gentle Ministry, Apatrapa -Poku-Krom.

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