Hi- Skul band in partnership with Alliance Francaise Accra presents a night to celebrate renowned musician, Celine Dion’s 35th year of bringing the best of songs to her fans and the world at large.

After 35 years as a performing and recording artist, Céline Dion has become a legend of popular music, one of the most powerful and moving voices ever heard

Celine Dion is a heartwarming singer who has comforted many souls, both in her home country Canada as well as here in Ghana and other countries in Western Africa. Not a day goes by without her music: you can hear her soothing voice on the radio, at the street, in shops and bars. Who doesn’t hum along when “My heart will go on” is playing? Her repertoire is very diverse; from intense French ballads to dancing beats.

The idea to celebrate Celine Dion’s music in Ghana dates back to earlier events this year: when a Dutch couple (working and living in Ghana) experienced again that music crosses all borders! The couple played with the Ghanaian Hi-Skul band on two Dutch functions (Cultural Afternoon in the Garden of the Dutch Embassy and at the Orange Kingsday at Afrikiko). Soon after that, brainstorming began on a new collaboration. They found that although Celine Dion is a beloved artist in Ghana, her music is rarely played live.

Time for a change! This year is Celine Dion’s 35th year as an artist. We should all come together and celebrate her music.

All of her hits will be played in this powerful show, with various stage artists. The evening will bring you comedian ID James Brown and Hi-Skul band will feature Abiana, Suzanne and Seyram. And who will be the mystery guest?

The Concert will take place on Saturday, 8th October at the Alliance Francaise Accra, Amphitheatre at 8pm.

It’s not required to know her songs to enjoy this evening. You’ll have a wonderful time! Sit back, relax and listen or dance to the music.



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