Veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo has told Accra-based Hitz FM, that he will not avail himself for any producer looking to cast him in TV series, unlike his Nigerian counterparts.

“If anyone invites me to do series, I will refuse”, he submits in the phone interview Friday morning.

This is both a bold and surprising position for the actor, who recently got engaged to actress Victoria Lebene Mekpah. Due to recent declines in movie sales, several players in the film industry are diversifying into the TV series market, as they are widely seen to be key in the film industry. Another reason for the increasing number of TV series is the influx of several digital platforms which require content to run their stations.

While he admits that his contemporaries in Nigeria are starring in series, he is adamant that it is not for him at this time.

Kofi Adjorlolo has starred in many Ghanaian and Nigerian films, perhaps best known for his roles in The Will 2(2013), The Will (2013) and End of the Will 2(2013).


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