Promising composer and artist Worlasi is set to release a latest video Nukata, in coming days.

Known for thought-provoking and inspirational lyrics, Worlasi is expected to serve a similar message with this new song. Nukata loosely translates as “why”, and explores unrequited love:


“I’ve met female friends who tell me how much [money] they get just because a man has affection for them and they don’t.  I didn’t understand why one could give that much because of love or lust. I didn’t understand why you don’t know someone, but by just the looks of the person, you have a strong affection and you’ll go through a level of effort to please the woman, just to win her heart or attention. But I’m sure I’d do the same too … probably it’s because I don’t have their money [laughs]. But it’s all about the whys, not the effort made “, he tells in an interview Monday morning.

Nukata will be Worlasi’s second video after the much-praised One Life (ft. Sena Dagadu).


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Barely a year  in the Ghana music industry, Worlasi has already bagged collaborations with such heavyweights as Sena Dagadu, M.anifest, and Sarkodie, and hs tackled some of the most controversial topics ranging from politics, through spirituality, and purpose.

Worlasi received remarkable notice for his 2015 debut Nusɛ, with many praising his depth of soul and daring originality.In July this year, he released Uncut, a collection of songs which didn’t make it unto Nusɛ.

Listen to Uncut here:



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