The Situation

There is a popular belief that there are no jobs, however, firms are actively seeking refined, skilled and results-oriented graduates to work with. The challenge these firms face is that many of our graduates lack knowledge in how to properly package themselves in order to secure a job. Most graduates on the average have no idea of the skills or value they can contribute to their prospective employers and shocking mistakes like the inability to spell ‘career’ or ‘experience’, keeps appearing on many graduate CV’s. Countless graduate CV’s contain worn-out clichés like ‘team player’ or ‘ability to work with little or no supervision’.

Our educational system has its inadequacies and tertiary institutions in Africa have been criticized for being ivory towers which churn out graduates not fit for the job market. The fact remains that Corporate Industries cannot cater for the all the needs of the job market. Almost half of the 10 million graduates churned out of the over 668 universities in Africa yearly are unable to secure jobs in a very competitive market. It is of a necessity for the graduates our universities churn out to be equipped with entrepreneurial expertise, thus avenues are needed for such training which is sadly lacking in most African Universities.

There are solutions to this challenge and we should refuse to make systems which are not working our excuse!


The Solution

Solutions to these problems include grooming young people to better package themselves, helping them to hone their skills through mentorship programs and prepare them adequately for the job market. Our young people also need to be equipped to find solutions to the challenges of our continent through sound foundations in entrepreneurship.

The People Initiative Foundation, considering the challenges outlined above, saw the need to establish The Africa Internship Academy in April 2016. As a solution to these challenges, the Academy has developed an Internship Program for young people. AIA’s answer is training which will imbibe a spirit of professionalism and entrepreneurship in our young African talents whether they find themselves as employer or employee in the near future.

The Africa Internship Academy is the first of its kind on the continent and offers a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over Africa to be groomed professionally, network extensively and experience workplace culture, The motto for the Academy is ‘grooming Africa’s next generational change agents’ and they specialize in connecting Africa’s young talent through Internships and Study Abroad Programs.


The Scholarship

The People Initiative Foundation together with its partners and donor agencies is very happy to announce an offer of a full scholarship to its first cohort of students on their tuition expenses.

50 outstanding students and fresh graduates between the ages of 15 to 25 from Pre-tertiary and Tertiary institutions in Africa with diverse backgrounds of study will embark on a four week journey in Accra, Ghana the birthplace of Pan-Africanism.

Winners of the scholarship will be engage in work Integrated learning environment, which includes mentorships, field trips, attending meetings and some office work.

After the four week period, our first batch graduated – the African Internship Pioneering Fellows will be thoroughly groomed to lead and undertake positive change wherever they find themselves. Our fellows will have the capability to overcome employment barriers and impel their careers through the training they had and AIA connecting them to high-impact networks and capital that will empower them to create transformative change.


Application Procedure:

All interested students should visit and follow all the stipulated guidelines. The application deadline for the scholarship is on Monday 31st October 2016.

Applicants should kindly note that this scholarship offer does not include your travel, transport and accommodation expenses.


Our Story

Ms. Esther Nyaadie, the Africa Regional Communication Manager of People Initiatives Foundation, speaking to the reporter, explained that “the Africa Internship Academy was for pre-tertiary students, tertiary students and fresh graduates to gain practical experience and master soft skills to prepare them for the job market before and after graduation and be proficient professionals in Africa’s growing economy. The Africa Internship Academy is passionate about Africa and is committed to highlighting the talents on the continent to the global community through our activities. We revel in the growth and development of our interns as they progress through our programs. We are confident in the value our program provides and looks for applicants that share a similar passion for Africa’’. She also added that, by the end of 2017, Africa Internship Academy will open other four (4) offices including Abuja, Kigali, Abidjan and Cape Town apart from Accra.



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