From Producer Da’ Hammer of The Last Two, a new sound has been made available for consumption.

Off his The Last of a Dying Breed album, Re-Percussions features Kwaw Kese and Worlasi with tiny note representations from Reggie Rockstone and one of Hammer’s daughters.

In an email Wednesday, Hammer speaks boldly about getting one of The Last Two‘s original soldiers in Kese for the project.

While Kese’s inclusion gives it an original The Last Two feel and a return to the ‘boot camp’ connotation, it is Worlasi’s that delightfully throws at it, different shades of a scintillating new school jam that eases its way into several baskets of beautifully-pieced chorded lines.

Hammer is right when he calls Worlasi new-kid-on-the-block. He is also not wrong by adding that Worlasi “brings pure truth and soul” to Re-percussions.

The inspiration for Re-percussions displays Hammer’s immense talent and yearn for the most mundane things as though they mattered. And they did matter in Re-percussions when he reaches for a lightbulb in a voicenote left for him by Reggie Rockstone, who preaches how hiplife does have a sound and why that is Da’ Hammer’s.

Repercussions addresses the recent, supposed feud between M.anifest and Sarkodie. Hammer places mediator roles in Kese and Worlasi. While Kese seizes the opportunity to claim grandpa, Worlasi blurts disappointment over the beef  but in a way that does not make him public enemy number three.

Listen below

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