CEO of PB Group, host and 2012 finalist of the Miss Ghana pageant Precious Kyei Bonsu, has touted the genius of fast-rising singer/producer Worlasi, calling him the very best in the country currently.

Speaking to ENEWSGH at M.anifest’s Nowhere Cool album listening session Monday night (which Worlasi also attended), she expressed how pleasantly surprised upon hearing his sound;

“Worlasi is a beast, no one can contest him. He’s talented, well-read, and understands music –his lyrics, composition and rhythm are so beautiful and full of colour –it’s no wonder he’s an artist. His sound can be placed side by side with music from anywhere else. The world should look out for him”

Still considerably new in the industry, Worlasi has already bagged collaborations with such heavyweights as Sena Dagadu, M.anifest, EL, and Sarkodie, and endorsement from just about everybody who matters in the industry; from Gh One TV’s Kafui Dey to legendary producer Da Hammer. He has also shared stages  with such prominent brands as Wanlov, Wiyaala, and Dark Suburb.

Read a review of  Nusɛ here.

Worlasi received remarkable notice for Nusɛ (May 2015), with many praising his depth of soul and daring originality.

Listen to Uncut here:




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