In weeks past, a brief video has surfaced on the internet, supposedly showing highlife singers Becca and Bisa KDei in a kiss, and therefore confirming longstanding dating rumors.

The video, while dark and blur, shows a couple (presumed to be Bisa and Becca) giggling in embarrassment of being found out. But the singer has disputed the video, claiming she had not met Bisa in as long as the the video has been around;

“I keep asking people that did they see me kissing him in the video, I have never kissed him in my life. I hadn’t seen Bisa in my life, I hadn’t seen Bisa for eight months and actually that they everybody else if you look in that video was around,”
Speaking on Luv FM Kumasi, she bemoaned the lack of professionalism by some journalists for not thoroughly checking the video.
“If I was any journalist I will go and take it and lighten it up, brighten the picture to see but nobody seems to be doing that, then I realized that nobody seems to be interested. I actually told the people why you don’t brighten the video to see”, she lamented.
She however admitted to kissing Bisa on his cheek, and was adamant that it went no further; “We were actually shooting a video…you will see I saw him and kissed him on the cheeks,”

Born Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, Becca shot to the music scene with her 2007 debut Sugar, and has since remained a consistent face in contemporary Ghanaian highlife. She has won several awards and been associated with such international acts as M.I Abaga, 2 Baba (formerly 2 Face Idibia), Uhuru, and Hugh Masekela.

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