Actress Though once divorced, actress Chichi Neblett still nurtures hope meeting her soulmate. To commemorate her birthday  August 22, she expresses gratitude to God for this milestone, and wishes for for her Prince Charming:

“Hmm, my wish on my birthday is for God to bless me with a very well-to-do husband…I mean rich and loving husband,” she said on Sunday…And I am very proud of myself …because I have come this far not by my strength nor by beauty nor anything but by the grace of God. I am not where I used to be, so I am thankful to my Creator for bringing me this far…I am off the calendar now (laughs),” she also added when she asked about what she would be proud of on her birthday.”

Born in Liberia, Chichi Neblett entered the Ghanaian movie industry in 2005, and has gained acclaim for her roles in ‘Puncher Hole’, ‘4play’, ‘Reason To Kill’, ‘Who Loves Me’, and ‘Peeps’, among others.










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