Actor John Dumelo has been announced as a new addition to the cast of TV series Heels and Sneakers. This announcement was made via YN Production‘s Instagram page in a short message:

“Guess what? John is in S2 of Hills and Sneakers”

Created by actress Yvonne Nelson’s YN Productions, Heels and Sneakers airs on GhOne TV Wednesday nights and and also stars rapper Pappy Kojo, Jason El.A, Efia Odo, Regina Krave, among others.

John Dumelo is easily one of Ghana’s foremost actors currently. Aside award-winning acting, he has also been involved in philanthropy, politics, as well as collaborating with Sarkodie on music. He commands a large following and therefore brings a lot of excitement to the production.



“Heels & Sneakers” is a drama series that unlike all the other series on TV, encompasses every aspect of society. As the story unfolds viewers will get to meet Pinto who traveled to Jamaica and got involved in drugs so had to run back home to seek refuge, and the only work he could do here is to sell vegetables to homes and restaurants; something he does riding a bicycle.

This makes him well known in the community and as such prone to the repudiation from society because of his Rastafarian lifestyle. Apart from being into the vegetable business, Pinto, our lead character, also does music and hopes to climb back the ladder of success not through drug deals but through music. But the question of whether or not he will succeed is why people must watch this series.

Nana, Trish and Celine are all independent women of the working class in society but find one thing in common, which is their inability to find a life partner.

Their lives empathize with the working class women who in spite of their glamour and accomplishments cannot find husbands and so fall in the hands of wrong suitors, who either dupe them or meddle with their hearts.

Celine who is an intelligent lecturer in a renowned university falls in love with one of her good looking male students which leads into blackmails and finally to her resignation. Nana, who is very choosy when it comes to taking a life partner, is lured by Kojo but he turns out to be a fraudster.

Another side of this entertaining show that pretty much reflects the title is the youthful and campus twist it amasses.

The show follows the lives of students on campus and out of campus, relationships, fears, challenges and most of all peer pressure, which makes it more fashionable and youthful than the other shows which are quite monotonous. Students live lives which become a concern to society and makes parents raise eyebrows and find the discipline sticks to put them right.

In the typical strict Christian home of the Manfords, we find out that the eldest, Margaret lives a two face life; one being the good and respectful Christian girl at home and the other being the wild and adventurous spoilt brat outside the home.

The series actually gives parents the clues that their wards may be only living to please them at home only to go out and throw away the values instilled in them.

Comedy is the jelly of every drama and to spice things up, there are characters like Kevin and Jay whose mere utterances can rip the ribs apart. Jay is a fante guy who swims better when flowing in fante but suffocates to death when pushed in a typical English position.

Unlike, Jay, Kevin can speak English, but like every Kumasi guy, he prefers to speak in Twi and most of the things he says are rib cracking. He is a coaxing and fun person to be around. In his palm is information about the whole community and the people who dwell in it.

“Heels & Sneakers” is a TV series will grip the audience and cause them to watch every episode since it employs the use of cliffhangers that keep the audience in anticipation and suspense of the next episode. It is the most relatable series that does not only dramatize events but also reflects society as it is”.


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