Hiplife trio 4×4 have emphasized the need for musicians to keep an impressive public appearance fashion-wise. The trio revealed this in an interview with Vibes in 5’s Arnold Mensah Elavanyo;

” We take care of our costumes ourselves. We believe in branding and packaging. We believe presentation is everything, so we make sure when we are out there, we are looking good. We are not kobolor artists, you understand? So we know what to put together and how to put it together to make sense”

The group, made up of Captain Planet (Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey), Coded, (Raphael Edem Avornyo) and Fresh Prince (Prince Tamakloe) admitted that the initial impression the public had of them was more due to their high sense of fashion than the music itself;

“When we entered into the game, it wasn’t really our songs; we were noted for our fashion sense”

The group is currently promoting their hit single Atongo, off their upcoming album.

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