Starting this week, Accra-based Live FM will play exclusively, Ghanaian music all day Wednesdays, Programmes Manager Antoine Mensah has announced.

“Setting aside a day for only Ghanaian music on air is our way of supporting and promoting the growth of the Ghanaian music industry as we’ve done in the past. We are stepping up our support game a little more”.

This, the station hopes, will give local music more prominence on their platform specifically, which is dominated usually by foreign music. This is remarkable a it is a novelty on urban radio in Ghana. It is also among the first major policies since Antoine Mensah assumed the role of Programmes Manager over a month ago.

Live FM is owned by media conglomerate EIB Network, who also run Starr FM,Kasapa FM, Agoo TV , Empire FM, Ultimate FM and Abusua FM (all in Kumasi) and Agoo FM, and the  Daily Heritage Newspaper.



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