Actress and model Nikki Samonas has expressed no difficulties displaying her favourite body parts, her breasts;  “If you’ve got it, you’ve got to flaunt it, so I try as much as possible to flaunt it when I get the chance to do so.”, she told Accra-based Class FM Friday night.

“I love them”, she said, “my boobs are my favourite part of my body […] people even say I have done implants. I mean that’s how good they look.”

The actress, born Nicoletta Simonas to a Greek father and Ghanaian mother, admitted to contemplating implants should they be affected by childbirth; “I will do implants after childbirth; if [they] still look good, no, but if [they don’t], I will fix it. When something is wrong, you fix it”, she said.

Attempting to explain why her bosom feels so round, firm, and “perfect” overall, so much so that she could “stare at them in the mirror for long”,  she confesses that she’s not so endowed behind, and perhaps it is God’s way of balancing out her figure; “I think that is why He (God) didn’t give me ass, He gave me nice breasts because I don’t have ass”.

Simonas’ most prominent work on the screens, perhaps, is My First Wife, where she starred next to Nollywood star Jim Iyke. The movie gained exceptional popularity due to a steamy sex scene in there.

Watch an Instagram video of her  discussing her breasts below:


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