Actress/Filmmaker/Writer/Activist Lydia Forson is slaying in these new set of photos done recently.

Miss Forson keeps it cool and lively exuding such fierce, i-am-coming-at-you confident looks. These images should get you to slobber at sight and also passes for your front page girl.

In most of the shots, we see carefully chosen gowns that bring out Miss Forson’s very enchanting natural curves and general vital appreciation. Oh yes! they are fine and would pass the Grade A test hands-down, any day. And even when she goes for the very casual, unassuming look, she maintains a healthy, balanced dash of cleanly-done natural hair sitting on top a ripped wear that stays tuck-free, and unbothered in the midsection. What we have beneath some few stares are those adorable thighs that can kill a predator in close range.

Dress: Anasimba

Make up: Nancyblaq

Hair: Abibalocks

Photography: Ben Bond for OAB Photography

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Lydia 9 Lydia 8 Lydia 7 Lydia 6 Lydia 5 Lydia 4 Lydia 3 Lydia 2 Lydia

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