Ohemaa Smith makes for the perfect tale of jack of all trades at least for the two most recognisable industries she work in. Smith’s work as poet and author involves just one exercise;  intelligently messing up with words, and this she’s done to utmost heights in the last few years.
In the creative arts and literary community in Canada and the larger markets she appeals to, she is a known star. So far she’s shone bright across the many nuances she’s come across.
Formally known as Whitney Smith, and a native of Toronto, Canada, Smith started out as a writer in Primary 6, penning short stories and poems which caught the attention of her teachers and mates.
“Writing is my second layer of skin. I write to share my emotions. It is my truth, piece of mind, my tomorrow, my yesterday and present.” she told livefmghana.com in an interview.
She is the author of online short series Hey John on her blog. She tells us her work has reached a wider audience than it previously did because of her blog. The online series will be published in the near future.
She is not limiting herself to writing poems and short stories only, but songwriting, articles and screenplays also. Her goals include partnering with Ghanaian and American directors to have her art displayed in their work, and also publish two books very soon.
Her poem titled Don’t is her way of reminding people of how precious they are.
“Often times as humans we devalue our true worth. There are many factors that contribute to people devaluing their worth such as friends, family, life struggles and so forth. Nonetheless we are worth more than Gold and settling should never be an option.”

Don’t settle

You deserve orgasms off words too.
You deserve the soles of your feet to walk on nothing but gold
You deserve to be loved by thousands, truth be told you deserve to have God himself worship you.

Like the Kadupul Flower, you can not be bought.
A rare necessity the world needs. A Picasso masterpiece.
The definition of life rests on your lips, and every time you speak someone lives.

Never allow yourself to fall victim to being afraid of change.
Looking forward means understanding that things will never be the same.
That your destiny has been preordained from the creator who upon creating you took a deep breath and said
You’re Beautifully made

You are the danger that awaits the curious soul
The danger that calls the young boy home
The danger that lies within everyone who wants to eventually fall in love

You are love
You are the epitome of grace
You are the Interchange piece of art

The words could not say much but remind you
Just how precious you are

Contact info:
Email: Ohemaasmith@gmail.com

Check out her blog  HERE

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