A show about weddings is set to air on Viasat 1 Television in August 2016.

“”The show is give viewers a front row seat to the 1st of its kind Pan African Luxury Wedding TV show,” producers say.

“It’s amazing how the wedding industry has suddenly boom into a humongous industry in the last 10 years. Its grown so much to include make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, photographers, decorators and engineers. With 5 million weddings happening on the continent every year and consumer expenditures in Nigeria alone totalling $160.9 billion, a figure expected to surpass $300 billion in the next five years, reports Euro Monitor. A large portion of this is spent on weddings and other festivities.”

The lifestyle program will feature weddings within Africa & the diaspora, and will be hosted by Louis Osei, Jennifer Korangteng, Lexis Bill and Chris Ukata.

The presenters will bring to viewers the show in a documentary style highlighting the behind the scenes drama and preps for society’s top weddings week after week.

The Production is handled by Yao Ladzekpo, Stanley Adjetey, Paa T and directed by Creative Head Guudkelly.

Watch trailer of the show below. 


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