Shatta Wale has responded to Samini’s latest song Vextra, where he was called among other things, “a faker”, for attempting to mount a rival stage at this year’s Sallahfest organised by colleagues VVIP.

Member Prodigal took strong exception to it and vented his disappointment in a loaded Facebook post.

Days after Sallahfest, Samini has directed digs at Shatta Wale for the near-stand-off.

In a recent tweet though, Shatta Wale has indicated strongly that he’s working on a reply for Samini, and would release it in due time.


Both acts seemingly put their prolonged differences aside earlier this year, but Samini seems to have re-enacted it.

Listen to Samini’s Vextra here:

–Gabriel Myers Hansen/ENEWSGH

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