yoyo tinz is proud to announce a partnership with hip-hop group FOKN BOIS for the release of their upcoming album titled “FOKN ODE TO GHANA” on June 30, 2016.  This is the third studio album from the rap duo made up of Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu AKA Wanlov the Kubolor and Mensa Ansah after the release of “Fokn Dunaquest in Budapest” in 2011 and “Fokn Wit Ewe” 2012.

Fokn Bois are known globally for their satirical, thought provoking lyrics and unconventional approach to addressing socio-political, economic and religious issues in their music. Their music has reached a worldwide audience through the many music festivals they’ve played including Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Moers International Jazz festival, CTM Festival, Sabolai Radio Music Festival and many more.

Fokn Ode To Ghana

The Fokn Bois are also recognized internationally for their Pidgin Musical Film “Coz Ov Moni 1 & 2” which has participated in many film festivals across continents, including the Durban Film Festival, Rio International Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro), Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles), Black Filmmakers International Film Festival (London), Pan African Film Festival (Cannes), and was the headliner Movie at African Weekender (Sussex).

Fokn Ode To Ghana is a unique album made up of instrumentals sampled from classic highlife tunes from the 70’s and 80’s. The album was originally released on the Hobo Truffles label under the name “Ode To Ghana”. Fokn Bois used the existing beats as the foundation of the album, building on this with their lyrics. The 21 tracks album is a satirical commentary on the current global social, political, economic, racial, and religious happenings. The duo brings to bare their magical skills of narration amidst sarcasm and metaphors on this new album.

yoyo tinz, a young hip-hop organisation with the aim of promoting and documenting hip-hop culture in Ghana, undeniably acknowledges the privilege given by the Fokn Bois to release the album on its brand new website on June 30, 2016. Prior to the release of the album, yoyo tinz will be organizing a listening party with some selected hip-hop crooners and bloggers, among other activities to be communicated later.


For further information on the album release, and/or yoyo tinz please contact us at yoyotinzgh@gmail.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.


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