The hype for this year’s event, slated for May 7, has been below par, but the Conference Centre will still be filled with eager patrons, and the rest of us will be glued to our tv sets all through the night. Some of the winners are obvious, others are never quite clear. Here’s what we at see happening on the night:


Artist of the Year

there’s absolutely no doubt that this will be Bisa KDei’s year. And so we see him winning the award in spite of Stonebwoy and Sarkodie, who present realistic competition to him. EL has done incredible this year, but that’s doubtful(considering that this is decided entirely by the public). It’s unrealistic to assume that he’s excited Ghana better than Bisa. He certainly got us to think deeply about poignant issues, but in these parts, dance is seemingly more important.


Most Popular Song of the Year:

That’s a given –Mansa will take it. It has made more impact than any other song it’s been put against. Aporsor, Go Higher, Ekiiki Mi, Atom’s song, Skolom, they all come close. Yet, at the same time, they’re a respectable distance from Mansa. Mansa is the most popular song of the year. If Brother Brother had been nominated, it would have been voted the most popular song of the year too. Bisa’s song was played day and night, club and church. He will win it.


Highlife Artist of the Year:

Again, because of What Mansa and Brother Brother did for Bisa in the year under review, it’s difficult to see this award going to anyone else. Donor get us wrong, there’s a lot of quality in that category. We all love Afriyie’s voice, and Nero X worked so hard last year. Ofori Amponsah showed promise (or threat), but that was for fifteen minutes. Bisa’s work and presence was consistent, and showed true colours (which we enjoyed). Any other nominee wins it, and we’ll eat our shoes.


Afro-pop Song of the Year:

This category is exciting I mean, Fuse ODG, R2bees ft. Davido, EL, MzVee…these are all extremely worthy candidates. But Nyedzilo was so far out in the air that it’s nearly a sure bet. The explosion of a video which was made for it may have sealed Nyedzilo’s place up there. That video which Gyo directed, got us all astounded. It’s rare around here, for a music video to get this much traction as soon as it’s released. Nyedzilo did that, and that edginess about the video, as well as the Reekado factor will win it for Edem. We’re positive.


Reggae/ Dancehall Artist of the Year:

Two words: Stonebwoy Burniton. No further details.


Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year

Aside Shatta wale who would have given Stonebowy a competition is a win for the Bhim Nation President Go Higher.


Hiplife/ Hip-hop Artist of the Year

Obrafour would have won it, but he’s not in there. Let’s make do with what we have then, shall we? Really, that category is exciting. Pappy Kojo, Omar Sterling (who redefined lyricism with his mixtape), Sarkodie himself, VVIP, Guru, EL, all in one ring. That certainly promises to be a treat…definitely a tough one. But Sarkodie will win. You go bet?


Hiphop Song of the Year:

It’s a straight win for Omar Sterling Paedae Nineteen Ninety don’t ask me why.

Best Collaboration of the Year: The Crusade — Donzy ft. Kofi Kinaata. That just pops out from the lot , doesn’t it? VVIP’s Skolom too. Maybe Sarkodie ft. Akwaboah too. In our opinion, these are the real contenders. Ay3 Late might shock us all, but we can’t really see that in our calabash. The Crusade or Skolom. That’s more likely. But if push comes to shove, The Crusade might just do it.


Record of the Year

We’d rather not touch this one. Every one of those seven nominees in there can take it, and we don’t want any trouble. You’re probably thinking Forget Dem or Bra…Concert Party too. But we’re not going near that…we’re not touching it. God bless you.


Hiplife Song of The Year

There’s a weird feeling EL’s Koko might provoke –that it might not be “Hiplife” enough. Maybe it’s because it’s the song most left of centre in that category. But it’s a flawless song , and deserves to win. Wisa’s song calls out too, so does The Crusade. Yet, VVIP’s Skolom seems the most deserving, to us. Could it be that the group is the most accurate representation of the genre and what it means? Is it their role in the moulding of that genre? I mean, that group and its membership pioneered the genre and still lifted that flag high when everyone else felt more comfortable being referred to as a hip-hop artist. They are the template of what hiplife is. It will be odd if it went to someone else. Besides, Skolom is such an excellent song too, so they do not necessarily dwell on past glory, they’re also highly competitive in these times too. It’s VVIP, for us.


Best Male Vocal Performance:

There’s a lot of excitement here too. I mean, some of the most influential vocal performers are going toe to toe. We admire the diversity in that category too; from Knii Lante to Pat Thomas, from Mugeez to De Voice. This will really be difficult. Akwaboah or Pat Thomas, if you push us to the wall. But we could be so wrong, mind you.


Best Female Vocal Performance:

Now that someone aside Efya has finally won it, that really opens up the debate, doesn’t it? Jesus, that category is so hard to determine. You’ve got to love Irene Logan’s tone. Her voice carries so much grace. Efya… well Efya needs absolutely no introduction. Nana Yaa can convey so much depth, so much soulful emotion. MzVee can hit every pitch. Adina has a tidy smoothness, and her voice bears the quality of a good smile. YaaYaa’s performance on Dumb Drum is so spirited, it’s easily the best thing she’s done this far. God, this one is so hard.


Album of the Year:

Mary should win Album of the Year. Period!


Higlife Song of the Year:

Mansa will win. It’s not the best song in there, but it’s the most effective. It held the genre down more than any other song it’s been nominated alongside. Every other song in there deserves to win Highlife song of the Year: Hw3, Pimpinaa, Take Away, Alewa, Susuka, and Makoma. This past year has been as much a highlife year as it has been for say, dancehall. That’s encouraging.


Hip-hop Song of the Year:

FlowKing Stone is the strongest force in there. Aside Sarkodie’s Hand to Mouth ( or maybe Omar Sterling’s Nineteen Ninety…maybe! ). For sure, EL’s All Black is fire, and could pull a surprise. Otherwise, it’s doubtful that the other songs present enough challenge. Again, Obrafour is missing, so it takes away some clout from that category. But everyone is thinking about the remix of FlowKing’s Fire Burn Dem, and that might win it for him.


Best New Artist of the Year: 

It comes down to Kofi Kinaata, Nero X and Teephlow, in our estimation. Kofi Kinaata will most likely win it.

Gospel Song of the Year:

Kofi Gyan’s Yoboyo really made an impact in Kumasi but it didn’t cross border to Accra for me it didn’t make it to Accra radio but Accra can’t decide who should win the gospel song of the year. Aposor was a smash hit but for me it didn’t make it .W’ow nkwa wo wor Ade – Mary Owusu , Hyebere Sesafuor – Obaapa Christie sorry you are out. In my candid opinion I think SP Sarpong Hour by Hour will pick the gospel song of the year don’t forget he also gave us a thrilling performance at the Nominees Jam at Ho.


Gospel Artiste of the Year

It’s a double win for the policeman SP Kofi Sarpong


Best Group
VVIP was visible during the cause of the year performing on some the major platforms and had songs which was accepted on the streets I mean was a banger. Keche, Gallaxy ,R2bees didn’t make it for me but Preachers OMG this gospel guys are very good performed on some platforms both home and abroad wouldn’t be surprised if they win because they have a huge Christian following.

Best Music Video
Crazy for God is a very good video all standard for me is a win for the video directed by Pascal Aka “Crazy for God”.


Unsung Artist:

Adomaa is widely spoken about; the freshness she brings to the game cannot be overlooked. Nii Funny has a song, and appeals to a wider demographic, so might be slightly ahead of the lot. These two are our picks. What say ye?


African Artiste of the Year:

the African Artiste in that category made hits which received airplay on all radio shows. I mean all our DJ’s played it back to back with no payola lol. but it’s a win for the young Micheal Jackson Korede Bello if he wins na God ie win.

Song Writer of the Year:

Rex Omar’s Paapa is very deep but we wouldn’t be surprised if Kofi Kinaata’s Sususka causes a stir ,the others with exception of Nkotompo are out I mean the content cannot be compared to Susuka and Paapa.
Note: These are merely our predictions based on our estimation of the artists and their songs, and their impact in the year under review. We have no prior knowledge about who will win what on the night.


Written by Gabriel Myers Hansen and Pep Junia ( @myershansen/ @PepJunia)

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