Liberty Shoes, India’s second largest footwear manufacturing company has berthed in Ghana.

A ceremony to officially launched its Accra retail outlet was held days ago at the Achimota Retail Centre.

Managed by SOGHA Limited, leading distributors of Sony and Westpoint electronic products in Ghana and Nigeria, it is a beauty, and stocks some decent deals worth the average pocket.

Liberty has 10 brands on display at the moment; Senorita, Tiptopp, Gliders, Fortune, Windsor, Warrior High, Prefect, Footfun, Force 10 and Coolers, catering to men, women and kids.

The footwear ranges from sportswear, leather shoes, slippers, and sandals, among others.

Officials say they are in to win big, and cater to the needs of the mass Ghanaian market which would fancy affordable luxury.liberty shoes13liberty shoes28liberty shoes1liberty shoes2liberty shoes3liberty shoes4liberty shoes5liberty shoes6liberty shoes7liberty shoes8liberty shoes9liberty shoes10liberty shoes11liberty shoes12
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