And they’re back! The sassy ladies from Nicole Amarteifio’s hit web series, An African City are returning to our screens on Thursday 21st January 2016, promising more glamour, gossip and intrigue than ever before.

Dubbed Africa’s answer to Sex and the City by BBC Africa, the series follows the lives and loves of five young female returnees ­ Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena, and Zainab. Created by former World Bank media strategist, Nicole Amarteifio, each episode starts as a social commentary on the state of affairs in Accra, the African City in question. However, viewers soon discover that international development is not what’s on the agenda for the characters she’s created.

Launched in 2015, An African City has enjoyed a cult following among Ghanaians and members of the African diaspora. So much so that the world’s number one champagne brand, Moët & Chandon are this season’s drinks sponsors ­ the perfect partner for characters oozing style, class and decadence.

Speaking about the new collaboration, the brand manager for Moët & Chandon in Ghana said, “We are delighted to be supporting Season 2 of the successful web series, An African City. Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of success and glamour since 1743. The sublime quality and generous effervescence of Moët & Chandon always adds just the right touch of shimmering elegance and elevates any occasion to a Celebration. Proprietors of the most extensive vineyard estate in Champagne country, the House has long been a leader in creating the finest of fine wines. For almost three centuries, throughout the vagaries of time and history, Moët & Chandon has remained the world’s most loved champagne and its sparkle has never dimmed.

L-R_Nana Yaa(Maame Yaa Boafo), Ngozi(Esosa E), Sade(Nana Mensah) and Makena (Marie Humbert)
L-R_Nana Yaa(Maame Yaa Boafo), Ngozi(Esosa E), Sade(Nana Mensah) and Makena (Marie Humbert)
L-R_Nana Yaa(MaameYaa Boafo) and Ngozi(Esosa E)
L-R_Nana Yaa(MaameYaa Boafo) and Ngozi(Esosa E)
L-R_Nana Yaa (Maame Yaa Boafo) and Sade (Nana Mensah)
L-R_Nana Yaa (Maame Yaa Boafo) and Sade (Nana Mensah)
Zainab(Maame Adjei) at the bar
Zainab(Maame Adjei) at the bar
All characters having fun as they enjoy a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Ice
All characters having fun as they enjoy a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Ice

“The characters portrayed in An African City resonate very much with our customers and the values we hold dear. A brand that is associated with luxury, sexiness, fun and spontaneity, Moët & Chandon continues to be exclusively enjoyed by those who appreciate the best that life has to offer. The five young ladies that feature in An African City certainly know how to enjoy the good things in life and make no apologies for it. They adopt Moët & Chandon as an ongoing and relatively frequent part of their lifestyle with in the show. ”

Bottles of Moët & Chandon will feature in most episodes of Season 2. And now, as you follow the storylines, you too can enjoy a taste of the ladies’ lifestyles. Created exclusively in celebration of the latest season of An African City, Moët & Chandon have formulated the perfect cocktail to match each African City character.

Read on to find out which character you’re most like and the cocktail that best complements your personality…

Nana Yaa

Nana Yaa, a Ghanaian, was raised in New York State, just outside New York City. She returned to Ghana after earning her first degree at Georgetown University and her graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Her Cocktail Match: Moët & Chandon Mint Yaa ­ a beautiful blend of Monin Mojito mint, Angustura bitters, mint leaves, topped with Moet brut.


Sade, a Ghanaian­Nigerian raised in Texas, works as a marketing manager for a prominent Nigerian Bank based in Accra. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School and spent most of her young professional life between New York and Boston.

Her Cocktail Match: Moët & Chandon Berry Sade ­ sounds simple, but comes with depth, just like her character. Sade’s cocktail is an equal mix of Monin strawberry le fruit, topped with Moet brut.


A Nigerian and the youngest of the five ladies, was raised in Maryland. After earning her graduate degree in international affairs, she was offered a job at a development agency in Accra. Much to the dismay of her friends, Ngozi is the religious one of the group.

Her Cocktail Match: Moët & Chandon Triple Ngozi ­ Not as innocent as you may think, there’s more to Ngozi than she lets on and this is reflected in her cocktail ­ a mix of Monin triple sec topped with Moet brut.


Makena was born in Kenya, but spent most of her life in London. She is from a biracial family, with a Ghanaian mother and a British father. In England, she graduated from Oxford Law and went on to have a successful career at a corporate law firm. However, after a divorce, she decided to return to the continent jobless.

Her Cocktail Match: Moët & Chandon Makena Kite ­ F un and fruity, yet with sharp undertones, this cocktail is a deceptive blend of Monin kiwi fruit topped with Moet brut.

Zainab or Zee

Zainab, a Ghanaian born in Sierra Leone, grew up in Atlanta. Her entrepreneurial spirit brought her back to Ghana and she has a constant eye for business opportunities.

Her Cocktail Match: Moët & Chandon Zee SKY ­ a sweet concoction full of zest thanks to the Monin ginger syrup, pineapple juice, topped with Moet brut.

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