As announced yesterday, the 2015 edition of the Back in the Day concert takes place on December 19.

We begin our official countdown to the event, which is featuring Sisquo and Dru Hill as headline acts, with Ghanaian duo Akatakyie of ‘Odo Esi si me’ fame leading strong local component.

Empire Entertainment, organizers of the event sent the below, ushering you into those vintage moments of old and how it all was done Back in the Day.

Read on…


“When Lord Kenya, as a pastor stepped on stage for the first time after his revelation and managed to get award winning radio personality Bola Ray and Confidence Haugan on their feet dancing on the night? And how “alewa” toffees and “poki ice-cream” were shared to patrons. Classic right?

Television programs like ‘Obra’, ‘TV Theatre’ and a movie like ‘I told You So’ with local games like ‘Pilolo’, ‘Alikoto’, ‘Julo K3 Police’ etc are some unforgettable things in the life of a Ghanaian but, I bet you all those are not as epic as when the then VIP for the first time had all group members on stage at the “BACK IN THE DAY CONCERT’ 2012.

That night also saw radio and television presenters Amanda Jissih and Naa Ashorkor dance their feet away to great songs from some of the performers on the night.

Many were those who were looking forward to a battle between Reggie Rockstone and Obrafour during the 2013 edition of Back In the Day. However, the two music legends, Hiplife Grandpapa and Ghana Rap Sofuo paired to perform on stage instead of the usual individual performances. Unprecedented right?

Their entry on stage was magnificent as both artistes sat on well carved thrones with Reggie’s T-shirt having the inscription ‘HIP’ whilst Obrafour’s read ‘LIFE’. Their impressive stage craft kept some celebrities and artists like Sarkodie standing and hailing their show stopping performance.

The first edition had a ghetto blaster as props or the set design with a black and white Television set design at the second edition.

The big question remains, what happens this year?

Fans should expect nothing less with the fast approaching 3rd edition of Back In the Day Concert as American hiphop group Dru Hill with its lead singer Sisqo get ready to give off every single pint of their energy on Saturday, 19th December, 2015.The whole nation will be completely shut down!

Grab your Karl Kani and Fila boots, your afro hair, jelly curls, half bow and punk hairs done.

Also billed to perform at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday 19th December 2015 will be the magnificent duo Akatakyie and one big surprise act from Ghana.

Reserve your tickets in advance by calling 057 009 5755.

The 3rd edition of Back in the Day Concert is powered by Empire Entertainment with support from Starr FM, Live FM Kasapa FM, Ultimate FM Empire FM and GH One TV.

More Alewa and Black and White Toffees to be shared on the night.”


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