Samini has released a new diss song directed at rival Shatta Wale, and it is not a pretty one. It is a proper definition of how cruel barbs can get. So mercilessly done, it is cure for anger built up over several storms.

Vex Mad, released some hours ago, is a cover version of another diss song; the very famous Charged Up authored by Drake.

It is not clear what provoked this particular one, save for the explanation Samini offered, suggesting Wale has been a pain in the neck (or a** if you would). And which is what makes the timing of Vex Mad somewhat weird.

Word has it that Wale has responded with series of tweets, one that is sure to get Samini to reciprocate. Wale’s appropriate response – if one ever comes – may struggle to outshine the cleverly-done Vex Mad.

Samini gets help from the talented Hus Eugene, and did he bury it? Yes he did!

Eugene is the biggest winner in all of this. Check out his intro and outro for Vex Mad. Priceless.

Listen or download below

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