Television Presenter/Musician/Events host Deborah Vanessa has explained why she failed to present an award at the just ended Glitz Style Awards held in Accra Saturday.

In a statement posted on her personal Facebook page Monday, Vanessa explained the circumstances that led to what has since been interpreted to be a snub.

Below, her statement.
My attention has been drawn to some unfounded allegations about me making rounds on some blogs and in social media posts concerning my reasons for not presenting an award when called upon by the MC at the Glitz Style Awards.

I was invited to the Glitz Style Awards as a guest. In the course of the evening I was approached by a cordinator to come backstage to present an award. In spite of the fact that this was not made known to me beforehand, I nonetheless got up to go backstage in readiness for the presentation.

Vanessa at the Glitz Style Awards
Vanessa at the Glitz Style Awards

Certain events, which occurred backstage, which took me totally by surprise, and which I do not want to air publicly because there is really no point, forced me to go back to my seat.

Unfortunately it seems the organizers did not alert the MC on time and minutes later when I had assumed my seat, I was called by the MC to present the award. I did not get up again.

In sending out this press release, I am taking the high road to give some explanation of what happened, without throwing shade or worse, mud at anyone. I have however put the unpleasant experience behind me and hope that bloggers with no-facts will not come up with wild and unfounded conjectures.

Deborah V. Owusu-Bonsu


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