Osarfo Anthony, the Journalist arrested and put before court by the management team of Black Stars Captain Asamoah Gyan, has broken his silence.

For the first time after his arrest, Anthony, who has since appeared in court over an extortion charge, is accusing Gyan’s team of destroying what could have been his evidence in the ongoing case.

See full statement below


On….Daily Guide published an exclusive story on soccer star Asamoah Gyan. According to the report,

GHBase.com’s Follow-Up On The Story

A close source to Sarah approached me and told me that the report made by Daily Guide is not true and so he want the outfit I write for, to publish Sarah’s side of the story. The source also added that many media houses have declined giving their platform for Sarah to tell her story.

Amongst the things Sarah wanted to make clear to the public include: How she met Asamoah Gyan, how Gyan visited her house, the sexual encounter and alleged rape and sodomy, the alleged recording of the sexual act, pregnancy and abortion, and conversations with Asamoah Gyan.

Sarah and the close source did not come to me to connive and extort money from Asamoah Gyan through publication of stories on the latter.

I therefore requested for evidences before I can start publications. I received a number of audios, Whatapp chats, and a video (not the alleged sex video). To have a balanced story – as required by the profession, I contacted Asamoah Gyan’s counsel, lawyer Kisi Agyabeng, to get his client’s side of the story and he admitted knowledge of the whole case.

In the interview – – which was recorded, lawyer Kisi said he has nothing particular to react to and that the case was amicably settled somewhere March this year at the Odorkor Police Station but he doesn’t know why it is resurfacing. The lawyer therefore gave us the go ahead to do our story.

GHBase.com published series of stories supported with evidences from our source.

Asamoah Gyan Approach GHBase.com To Kill Story

One day, I had a call from the Editor of the site. He told me one Nii Armah Amarteifio who works at Radio XYZ and claims to be a close associate of Asamoah Gyan, has called him to plead and to see how best to stop the publications.

He did not come to say we are publishing falsehood about Asamoah Gyan and so they will sue the site or they are bringing a rejoinder – his intent was to kill the story for Asamoah Gyan.

Below is evidence of the beginning of the chat:


The above chat is just 20% of the close to one month chat I had with Nii. There are more revelations in it.

My Evidences Locked Up With Police

On 29th June, 2015, the day I was arrested, the police investigator told me to take them to my house for a search. Though I resisted, they forcibly pushed me into their car and drove me home (in the company of 5 other police men). We got to my house around 10: 30PM. They entered my room and took the below: Laptop, desktop, pen drives, modem, and 2 CDs.

All the above the police took from me were in good condition. The police have kept them since I was arrested and bailed and have even gone ahead to leak some audios to the media to publish.

I wish to state that, my mobile phone which the police ceased from me contains another bulky chat I had with Nii as my evidence to this case. I also have audio recordings of Nii, lawyer Kisi Agyabeng, and Samuel Anim as well as some picture (snapshot) conversations.

So if the police gives me back my phone, pen drive, laptop, and desktop and the Whatapp chat I had with Nii as well as the audios and pictures on lawyer Kisi and Samuel Anim are DELETED or NO LONGER on the above mentioned devices, it means someone FIENDISHLY wants to deny me of my evidences to tell my story.

My Silence

After my release from cells, the police investigator on the case at the Airport Police Station, Mr. Richmond Ayayi, asked me to report at the police station one Saturday – which I did. I went there with my sister. Upon reaching there, I met Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer and the manager Mr. Samuel Anim Addo.

Lawyer Kissi told me in the presence of my sister, Samuel Anim, one police officer by name Evans Adu that we (as in GHBase.com and Asamoah Gyan as represented by Nii) all started the whole agreement on mutual grounds but along the line, I pissed them off and so they decided to turn the whole story around – reported it as extortion.

Lawyer Kissi also added that they don’t hate me but see me as a brother and that whether the case will go to court or not depends on me. I told him I want out of court settlement. I also spoke to Sammy Anim on how to settle the case out of court and he asked me to speak to the investigator. I spoke to the investigator and he could not say anything as to how to resolve the matter or close the docket.

So since then, I was under the impression that they want us all to be SILENT so that the case dies its natural death. Out of the blue, they have decided to resurrect the case by taking it to court. I’ve been silent all these while not because I know I’m GUILTY, but rather, to make matters rest!

Taking Me To Court Without Notice

I had a call from the police investigator, Richmond Ayayi, on Thursday, 17th Sep, 2015 asking me to report at the police station (something I did once in a week or called the investigator for updates in times I could not report) the next day Friday 18th Sep, 2015.

I got to the police station only for him to bang me in the face – “we are going to court!” I asked the editor of GHBase.com and he equally told me the investigator also called him to report only to tell him that morning that we are going to court. The investigator did the same thing to Ekow Micah – told him we are going to court just that morning.

When we complained, the investigator said we are only going to pick a date. This same police officer, Richmond Ayayi, is amongst three other police men who were arrested 6 days ago for allegedly stealing huge amount of money and gold from some Indians in Osu.

We reached the court premises and the police investigator ushered all three of us into the court room. The next moment, the court clerk and the judge entered as well as the complainant, Samuel Anim and proceedings started – to our total dismay!

Though we the suspects were not in the known that we are going to court, media men were already present to listen to proceedings and take pictures for publication. As to who organized the media to be present, only the fellow can explain and the intentions behind it.


I never contacted Asamoah Gyan or any person close to him – threatening that I have Asamoah Gyan’s sex video and that if he doesn’t bring me money, I shall publish the video. The story Daily Guide published on 31st July, 2015, with the banner headline: News Editor Busted Over Asamoah Gyan Sex Video, is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

On the issue of money and its payment, drafting of an undertaking, and my arrest on Wednesday 29th July, 2015, I hold it here. I shall continue my story. I pray Lord Krsna, Lord Nsrimhadev, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabu, and Lord Nitainanda help me tell my story – Hari bol!!

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