Upcoming writer and film Director: Ama Boamah presents her first movie: ‘The Egg’.

The movie will be premiered at the Exhibition Hall, Alliance Francaise Accra on Friday 2nd October, 2015.

The Egg’, set on the coastline of Accra, Ghana, tells the real life story of Kobe (Nana Asaase)

and his friend Wone. Kobe sets the scene by sharing his sentiments about the black on black situation in Ghana. Through the eyes of these men the Director shares a captivating encounter, which asks the audience to think hard about this underlining issue that plagues Ghana.

The Director, Ama Boamah says she chose the title ‘The Egg’ because the egg is symbolic. It’s a seed; it’s a sacrifice and redemption. The egg is a deep index to her outdoor as a film maker, crux to what she believes and also the most metaphorical allusion to the central theme of the film.

‘My will to get things done in Ghana and my quest to understand my purpose in life drove me to this story. ‘It was a personal encounter,’ she says.

She intends to use the 20 minutes movie to outdoor herself into the film industry and also get Ghanaians thinking deeper about their life, culture and influence.

What makes this film different is its bitter-sweet sentiments and the ability for the audience to dive deep into Ghanaian cultural undertones.

The movie premiere and cocktail will take place at the Exhibition Hall, Alliance Française Accra on Friday 2ndOctober 2015 at 7pm.

Come and experience the freedom of mind and the birth of a great filmmaker.

Duration:   20 minutes followed by a Q&A with the Director

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