The Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Entertainment Duke Banson, known for producing successful mainstream artistes, has spoken to the issue of handling and managing female artistes, insisting he enjoys working with them.

In an interview, Banson said:

“Managing a female artiste can be tempting I agree, in the sense that, if care is not taken you can have a case where the artiste will tend managing or dictating for you rather, so this is what I do differently; I love my artists, respect and trust them, in this way, they can’t do otherwise. It`s natural if you respect someone, the person will do same and it makes the work easier. I make sure I am committed, trustworthy and realistic and it gives a strong connection between you two, again you need a lot of patience. For instance, someone can be a good recording artist but bad on stage, you need to let the person know and help her work at it.”

Paradise Entertainment management has over the years worked on artistes including Mzbel, Mimi, AK songstress, VIP (now VVIP) and Sala among others.


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