Ghanaian actress Khareemah Aguiar is of the view that male celebrities are not to be trusted in matters of love and relationship.

She told NEWS-ONE on Wednesday that female celebs are rather trustworthy, even though they have always been branded promiscuous.

“I think female celebs are more trustworthy than male celebs,” she said when she was talking about relationships and sharing her thoughts on whether it is advisable for celebrities to make their lovers public.

“Women are more considerate than men. A lady will cheat when she’s given the reason to. But a man will, no matter what, because they are moved by what they see but women always want to feel loved. So when they get it, they are just fine and contempt…

“A woman who has love and has a good guy by her side and still cheats needs serious medical attention as well as spiritual attention because, to me, it’s not normal. But guys…hmm! The least said about them, the better…I still love them though.

“But I think we need to increase prayers and ask God to give every family one boy and so many ladies as siblings. That way, they will always treat their girls with respect and love bearing in mind that what you do to others will be done to your sisters so they can learn to treat women right,” she said.

“Imagine you date a guy for years and you know he’s gotten a lady pregnant but you pretend you don’t know just because you love him so much; yet on his part, he feels you are dumb. Imagine tables turned and it happened to the lady, he would have asked for a breakup but a lady wouldn’t because of love; but a guy can just break up with you and tell you his reason is that you talked to his friend…How heartless! That is a guy for you,” she added.

She went on to advise: “Don’t be too cool with your partner’s family or friends; be nice but keep your distance. I mean stay close to his friends who are responsible, those who are married; but those ones who are single will even just hate you and say things just because they feel you have taken their friends’ attention from them. Growing up means a lot and that is what as ladies we need to focus on.”

Khareema is an award-winning Ghanaian actress who became very popular after her supporting role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Checkmate, where she starred alongside Nadia Buari, Ekow Blankson, Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku and Senanu Gbedawo.

She first surfaced on Ghana’s movie scene through the television series, All That Glitters on GTVin 2005. Since then, she has appeared in a number of movies, including Turn Me On, and is still rocking.

She recently wowed movie fans with an astounding performance as a native doctor in Yvonne Nelson’s produced movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes.

She is of the view that it is okay for celebrities to show off their lovers in public to some extent.

“Well, yes you should keep it low because in the world we live in now, you can’t tell the minds of people. People hate for no reason and they just hate to see you happy so I feel it’s a good idea if, for instance, the lady is popular but her partner is not and she decides to keep it low. I will surely respect that,” she said.

The actress was quick to add that “But on the other hand, if you are both celebs and the guy insists you keep your relationship low, then trust me, the guy is up to something shady. Guys are like that; even when the whole world knows he’s dating you, he still will frolic around, not to talk of him insisting you keep it a secret.

“We just live in a fucked up society where there are issues with everything… If not for people hating for no reason, why then can’t two adults live and love for the world to know?”

Khareemah Aguiar continued: “But pressure from friends and families will always leave one party hurting. I always say that one shouldn’t just concentrate on his or her partner’s attitude or get to know him or her before getting into the relationship; the family must be the point of focus because they play a major role, unfortunately, in relationships in the Ghanaian world we find ourselves in; and tribe also counts.

“In my recent study to pursue further discernment in family and counselling, one thing I also realised was that education and exposure in a family setting will also determine whether you will enjoy your relationship or not.

“…my son tells me he will grow up and build a house for me and buy me all the luxurious stuff; then I tell him, ‘listen son…you grow up and build a house for yourself and your family and give them all the luxury because now that I have strength I’ve built my own and I will even do more…so when you make your money in future, you make it for yourself and not me.

Because when you shall have your first child expecting me to be there to care for your first child, I will be globetrotting taking it easy on life… I don’t want to come and be a burden on you and your family all in the name of babysitting, hell no… Work so you can hire a babysitter or perhaps your wife’s mum can do that; but for me, I will be chilling.”’

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