There is no doubt that Anita Erskine chose 2015 as her BIG COME BACK! She started the return with her job as the new host of The One Show on Viasat 1, then followed it up by grabbing the enviable co – host seat next to Bola Ray on the StarrDrive on Starr 103.5 fm and now her new show Discovery +233 is days away from premiering on Viasat 1!

“I was extremely humbled and excited when the Discovery Learning Alliance chose me to produce and co – host Discovery +233. It’s a huge project, which is part of broader project. The DLA is the non-profit organization developed by the Discovery Channel. DLA uses the power of media to transform education in some developing countries in Africa of which Ghana is one.

The other countries are Kenya and Nigeria. So there is Discovery +234 happening in Nigeria and Discovery +254 in Kenya right now. Of course the show combines my passion for girls and education with my innate desire to succeed as a Pan African media personality. So it’s right on strategy! ” says Anita Erskine.

On Discovery +233, Anita Erskine co hosts with ace journalist Israel Laryea (MultiMedia TV and Joy FM) , who, we are told does an extraordinary job of combining humor with his signature in depth interviewing skills.

“Oh yes!! You’re going to see an Israel Laryea you’ve NEVER seen before!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile Israel is! Watch out for the NEW Israel Laryea!! We also worked with Bob Reid, who has DECADES of profound experience in Television making across the USA! Along with all my colleagues in Kenya and Nigeria, we have to thank Bob for his guidance. We’ve learned so much from him! Altogether it was a tough but great opportunity for us all. I produced, co – hosted and wrote all the scripts! So it was serious work! But my team is AWESOME! So I didn’t do it all alone!” comments Erskine.

Targeting the youth, with special emphasis on the importance of education, Discovery +233 comprises a number of attractive elements such as one on one interviews with some of Ghana’s biggest names in the media, creative arts and entrepreneurship landscapes. Samini, Becca and Kwabena Kwabena, Chris Attoh, Juliet Ibrahim, Claudia Lumor of Glitz Africa, Tonyi Senayah of Horseman Shoes and Eugenia Techie – Menson of Spelling Bee are grilled by Anita and Israel. Music director to the stars, globally acclaimed Kwame Yeboah provides a strong live band element throughout the show. The show also features some mini documentaries, which focus on people who have compelling stories of overcoming odds.

Erskine had been away for a few years attending to the duties of being a wife and mother.  We fondly remember her on Studio 53 and of course Mentor. We almost thought she had gone away for good. Although working on some projects most of which went on to Africa Magic. Of course being a strategist by nature and a self trained broadcaster, it is quite interesting how Anita’s work roles out in a slow paced, but very well thought out and consistent manner, giving her work gravitas and some sense of true purpose and direction, not just for herself, but for her loyal followers.

On the quiet, we are also told Anita is working on a music project to be released in 2016. “Ha! You guys are unstoppable. Where do you get your information? Well in a sense it is true. When the time is right, I will spill the beans. But for now lets just say my main focus for this year is Television, Radio and Social Entrepreneurship. I believe in doing things one step at a time so I don’t loose focus. It’s never all too easy. I am guided by prayer and never in a rush. It allows me to savor the journey and enjoy my challenges and experiences” comments Erskine.

On the ticket of Discovery +233, Anita Erskine hopes to obtain and clearly define her title as a powerful force on Africa’s Media landscape. “I’m a born hustler. Humility is my mantra. Hard work is my raison d’etre. I taught myself everything I know, always saying I want to be the best there is on our continent. It’s taken a long time to get here, but I wanted to do things the right way. I didn’t want hand-outs. I wanted to prove my worth and then open up to opportunities that would further enhance my purpose. Using my gift of speech and my passion for my work in the media, I want my Brand – Anita Erskine –  to be synonymous with Power, Elegance, Commitment, Strength, Consistency and Determination.” Says Erskine.


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