Let me start on a light note. I think the Oxford dictionary should adopt the word “Dumsor” as a verb it should cause people to rise and fight for their rights. As an adverb it should re-emphasize the absence of hope and a future for a set of people especially the youth .As a noun it’s obvious we moved from a country called Gold coast to Ghana and now Dumsor.

I will try not to get technical, but use logical approach to represent the voices that have being ringing from radio, TV to social media. I try to focus on social media and opinions of numerous individuals who unlike the print, TV or radio cannot be manipulated by any agent, body of people or organization.

As I write this Article I am first and foremost not happy with the fact the  at this level of growth in literacy people still are quick to assign you to party A or B if you are objective with an issue or a situation that has more of our Motherland embossed on it. I am still trying to revisit the line “God bless our homeland Ghana. Rhetorically speaking “is God blessing our homeland Ghana?

Not too long ago, sentiments we have all shared through conversations in our homes, to corridors, in commercial vehicles and open air hangouts came to be the topic of interest on Social Media. If the voice of the people is the voice of God? Then it’s not by mere coincidence that their is  a gradually growing vexation among the youth.

I repeat and I clearly reiterate Social Media is the most democratic platform; it’s free of macro forces that can manipulate other forms of media and therefore we must begin as young people the power we have and continue to use it in the most effective and efficient way.

I must draw your attention to the fact that we must all understand issues that affect us directly has nothing to do with Party A or B and thus we should desist from shoving people under a set group of people for their opinion on issues.

I will use this opportunity to indulge your audience. I belong to no political party. If I do in future I must be bold enough to say it out loud. In the mean time I encourage all young Ghanaians to vote for policies, ideologies and not parties because the former coupled with Efficiency, transparency and accountability will add value to our mother land. God bless our Homeland Ghana

More Grease to the Elbows of Everyone that Attended the Vigil and much respect to all who shared varying view on but stayed in constant harmony.

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