M-net Movies Showcase channel 108

 You don’t want to meet them in a dark alley – or maybe anywhere – without a black belt or 10th dan at your side. Rather catch their deadly blows on M-Net Movies Showcase in the month of June. They’re fast, fearless, super fit – and the heroes of a very special feast of martial arts movies on channel 108. Brace yourself for bone-crunching stunts, kicks and grunts and a dazzling display of fighting techniques on Saturday and Sunday nights from 4:45PM GMT. Movies include, The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, The Matrix Revolution, The Man with the Iron Fist and 47 Ronin.

The Man with the Iron Fist

There is more….M-Net Movies Premiere will showcase the very finest in action, passion and revenge every Sunday at 6:30PM GMT in movies such as The Equalizer, starring the multi award winning Denzel Washington, Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, Lone Survivor , featuring Mark Wahlberg and the all-star cast, Godzilla.


Studio Universal channel 112

Weekends in June on Studio Universal go with a bang – literally. This is the slot for thrills and explosive antics with Hollywood’s hard men. Because car chases will never stop being one of the things films do best, this weekend’s action kicks off with Gone in 60 Seconds. Nicolas Cage plays a retired car thief who must steal 50 cars in 72.hours to save his brother’s life; Angelina Jolie and Vinnie Jones are mainstays of the elite crew he’ll need for the job. Another chance to see 2 Fast 2 Furious is right on its tail at 6.00PM GMT Sunday gets up to speed with Fast & Furious, before Death Race 2 crashes in at 5.50PM GMT. Set in the all-too-near future, it sees inmates of a privatized prison forced to compete in a lucrative hybrid of an automobile race and a gladiatorial arena. Luke Goss and Sean Bean star.

2 Fast 2 Furious

Gone in 60 Seconds

CBS Action channel 133

The action continues on CBS Action with a range of old school series that have been loved for many many many years. Viewers can look forward toThe Agency, From renowned feature-film director Wolfgang Petersen comes this thrill-a-minute look at the high-stakes inner workings of the CIA and its global network of intelligence agents, every weekday at 3:40PM GMT. A hunted terrorist…a high-level assassination plot…a major military weapons theft…a human-smuggling operation…all internationally volatile cases that require the expertise of Major Mike Kessler and his elite team in The Border, weekdays at 7:00PM GMT

Discovery channel 121

Adrenaline junkies and car lovers will be pleased to see a new show, Fat ‘N Furious: Rolling Thunder premiering on Friday 5 June at 8:00PM GMT.In the Rust Belt state of Ohio, speed reigns supreme – the faster the car, the fatter the profit, and every second counts. ‘Fat N’ Furious’ follows the hilarious car junkies of Christmas Automotive as they hunt down left-for-dead vehicles, bring them back to life and put them on the racetrack.

Animal Planet Channel 183

Daring animal lovers are in for a treat, with the premiere of Lion Man: One World African Safari. The show returns for a second series as Kiwi farm boy Craig Busch, an experienced and self-taught ‘wild cat trainer’, helps to track down poachers and fight devastating bushfires. Craig also creates a haven for rare, endangered big cats such as white Bengal tigers, Barbary lions and white lions at a reserve in South Africa.


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