Heritage Theatre Series has been officially launched in Accra.

The series, written and produced by Chief Moomen, and sponsored by Key Soap, will re-enact the history of Ghana from ancient to modern times through a series of plays.

The first of the plays, Wobgɛ Jɛkɛ: The Birth of A Nation, is to be staged on The 4th of July at the National Theatre. The production will tell the story of the migration and settlement of various ethnic groups in Ghana through to the periods of the slave trade, colonialism and the struggle for independence.

Speaking at the launch, Chief Moomen stated that the project is a very ambitious one with a ten year long term vision which is going to dramatise the general story of Ghana as well the stories of some key personalities in the nation’s history. He revealed that the production in July is employing a cast and crew of about 150 people and expressed optimism that the series is going to provide a sustainable source of employment for a significant number of people.

Heritage series Launch-5

The Brand Building Director of Unilever Ghana, Clarence Nartey, mentioned that Key Soap is proud to be associated with  Heritage Theatre Series  and that  his outfit is looking forward to a strong partnership with Chief Moomen and his team towards the production  of  the series for the long term.

He recalled the days of Key Soap Concert Party and how it not only entertained Ghanaians but also opened up opportunities for many talented comedians. He was optimistic that Heritage Theatre Series would be a great success as well as open up opportunities for many people in the creative arts industry.

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On her part, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon Dzifa Gomashie, congratulated Chief Moomen and his team for such a bold step and expressed the Ministry’s support for the project. She stated that the creation of a ministry for the creative arts sector is an important step towards giving the sector the recognition and support it deserves. She encouraged Ghanaians to be more Ghanaian in the choices they make, such as in patronising Ghanaian products.

The launch was graced with a beautiful performance from the award-winning singer Noella Wiyaala, who is also billed to perform at the first show on the 4th of July.  Many guests at the event expressed great excitement for the project and are fervently looking forward to the first of the plays.

Heritage Theatre Series is a Bambu Centre production with support from President 360.

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