Musical Maestro Kwame Yeboah has released a gem of a record featuring Kwabena Kwabena and M.anifest.

Adansiɛ (testimony) is filled with the rich sounds that Yeboah is known to produce and that have propelled him to collaborate internationally with the likes of Cat Stevens and Craig David while providing hits to Ghanaian stars like Kwadwo Antwi and Amandzeba over a 20-year career.

Kwabena Kwabena’s smooth voice and poignant lyrics urging us to eschew envy and be ourselves send the listener on a reflective path

M.anifest’s cameo evokes the images of a linguist pouring libation in a King’s court as he strikes a defiant note recounting his own testimony of grit in the face of adversity.

The prodigious Kwame Yeboah was once the band leader for the famed Osibisa is currently the musical director for OBY Band, arguably Ghana’s best band.

The triumphant number can be downloaded here.


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