African bitters are mostly made from root extracts that have rich medicinal value.  They also contain body purifiers, anti-malaria components and ingredients for male vitality. These bitters go beyond just satisfying the alcoholic needs of consumers.

Recently, Orijin Bitters was introduced unto the Ghanaian market. It’s produced by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) who are noted for the production of good quality beverages that have strong international presence.

The launch of the Orijin threw the bitters industry into frenzy. The bitters market is undeniably a viable one, so much is expected from industry players.

However, upon drinking this new Orijin Bitters I couldn’t help but notice that it did not taste like the original African bitters we are so familiar with. Sipping the bitters, I smelled the taste of flavoured bitters as opposed to original natural bitters like Joy Dadi Bitters, Alomo Bitters and Agya Appiah Bitters.

It is understandable for GGBL trying to get closer to the ordinary Ghanaian by coming out with this bitters but it looks like a step in the wrong direction.

Innovation is key in product development, but taking consumers for granted by deceiving them with a supposed bitters is totally unacceptable.

Most consumers of natural bitters wouldn’t bother drinking anything diluted especially flavored bitters. They will always be loyal to their roots by sticking to original bitters.

Ghanaians have worked hard to create and maintain the bitters market. Let no one come destroy it for us. We love our own.




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