Peace Hyde is a stunning education specialist -turned TV presenter, actress, and show host who hails from Ghana. The Presenter, actress and event host has been in the news lately with regards to her jaw dropping curves and amazing success within the past year as she has undoubtedly secured her place in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.
OVWE MEDEME of THE NATION caught up with her on the set of her latest project MTV production, Shuga, which she says has been an awesome experience for her. Shuga is the latest TV sensation from the MTV staying alive foundation and reaches about 500 million viewers worldwide. She talks about her love for Nigerian dishes, Africa, acting, and sundry issues.
Read Interview below:
HOW long have you been acting?
I actually just started my entertainment career. It has been about a year and a half, I am very new in the industry. I did a short film in Nigeria, that was my first time working in Nigeria. Then, I went back to Ghana. I have been doing quite a lot of presenting and event hosting.
What did you play on Shuga?
I played Eniola. She is a mother and a mentor; she assists two other characters, Princess and Sophie, throughout Princess’ pregnancy. She helps Princess cope with the morning sickness, taking her drugs, and just making sure that she is mentally strong enough to carry the child, and go through the whole process. This season, Sophie and Princess have a rather dicey relationship, so Eniola is a peaceful character, and she makes sure that they both function without killing each other.
How long have you been in Nigeria?
I have been in Nigeria for four weeks now.
How has it been working on the Shuga project?
It has been mind-blowing, I’ve loved working on it. I watched the previous season, so I’m loving it. It has been a very big learning experience. It is my first major acting project and it has been a really major experience. I’ve worked with an amazing cast; these are people I spent ages watching and now I’m talking to them and taking selfies (laughs). It’s really interesting and I love every minute of it.
As a Ghanaian, how were you able to fit into a Nigerian character?
To be honest, I feel that in this day and age, Africa is one, we are not divided in any way, shape or form. I think our industry has grown so well because Nigeria celebrates Ghanaians, Ghanaians celebrate Nigerians, Kenyans and all. Everyone is coming together and just giving the best that they can in terms of creativity and talent. And I think with an awesome cast, director and crew, we are able to just make sure that we bring the best out of everyone.
So even though I was not necessarily born and bred a Nigerian, I have a cast and crew that support me to make sure that I give the best for that role.
How well can you relate to the character of Eniola?
Prior to joining the entertainment industry, I taught for nearly seven years, so I have a very heavy mentor type of background, dealing with young kids. Before that, I practiced child psychology, so, I have a strong background of dealing with people going through difficult times, or transitioning through different stages in life. As a result, I am able to relate to the character. The only difference is that I’m quite bubbly, fun and all that. Eniola is a much older woman, she is a very calm and peaceful character. That was probably the biggest challenge.
So it was a very challenging role?
It was challenging in the sense that she was raped when she was younger, so she has HIV. She’s had her child and gone through her experiences. Channeling that into myself, which is not my background, was quite a challenge.
How have you been enjoying the Nigerian climate?
You guys are chilling. I love Nigeria. Nigeria is absolutely awesome. It is so awesome. I love the food. If you have good food, I’m game. My biggest addiction is the seafood, and okro soup with eba. That is a life-changing food right there. I have been eating. I have even gained a tummy now. It is delicious.
You sound like you are based overseas….
Oh yes, I was born in the UK. I have lived there all my life. I moved back about a year and a half ago. So yes, my accent is real.
Are you here to stay permanently?
Oh, definitely. All my family and friends are in the UK. I do visit regularly, but I am based here. I have lived in Ghana for nearly a year and, as I said, I feel Africa is just one. I am now based in Africa and willing to shuttle between countries for the right reasons.
For some other people, it is the other way round. What is your attraction?
I agree to a certain point. I remember when we were younger; it was cool to live in the UK and America. Everyone was trying to be American or trying to be British but now, there is a movement. It is now cool to be African, we are setting a standard. People think that most people want to go back, but, nowadays, kids are going to school wearing their traditional African clothes. They are proud to be Africans. We are actually privileged. I would have to be insane not to want to be here.
All my friends have come to me to say they just want to move. I think we have it very good. We are blessed and I think that people are starting to realise that there is more to Africa than the images we have seen over the years but there is a whole new life. This is a new Africa and it is not what they thought it was. So Africa is a place to be.
Were you here during the elections?
I was. I was shooting, so I had to stay back. I think that no one knew what to expect at the time. It also shows that things have changed. It is becoming a norm that election periods are no longer dangerous times. I first moved back to Ghana during elections and people kept asking why I chose to go back then.
But it was completely peaceful, the same way Nigeria was. I mean everyone is talking about change, but if you pay attention, you will realise that the change is already happening because the elections were safe and peaceful, aside the fact that there was no traffic, there was no difference.
Have Nigerian men been hitting on you?
No, I’ve just been working. No one is minding me. It has been a nice experience being in Nigeria, the people are absolutely awesome and they are just really friendly. The guys and girls are really friendly. I love their energy, I love their boldness and their confidence. I love working with them and I love meeting you people. And I’ve met some really awesome people in Nigeria.
Are you married?
Are you asking for my hand? (laughs). No, I’m not married at the moment.
Is there someone in your life?
We have to understand where this is going. Am I going to get a proposal (laughs)? At the moment, no. I’m very focused on my work, that is where I’m finding my peace and joy, and it’s working out well but I don’t know, if you have a ring for me, we can work on something.
For those who are interested in coming to Ghana, what hangout spots would you recommend?
If you ask me, I would tell you the places with the best food because I think that is what makes the experience for me. Ghana has some of the most awesome places. There are beaches and so on. We have so many places. You need to come down and we will take that tour. We are the best.

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