Scores of Ghanaians converged at the National Theatre on Sunday, April 19th to partake in what could best be described as one of the most intense worship sessions ever held at the national theatre.

Adoration 2015 lived out to its full billing as it provided the perfect platform for Christians from all walks of life – pastors, church leaders, families, youth, students, workers and their colleagues to pour out their heart of gratitude and adore the Lord; alongside some Jazz and poetry. It was refreshing to see people troop to the theatre right from church with their families and friends to occupy the auditorium even before the programme started.

Ahead of the main event which officially opened at 4pm, patrons were treated to a soothing jazz session at the foyer before they trooped into the main theatre, which got filled to capacity.

The show was officially opened by Praising Showers from the Royalhouse Chapel, and E’mPraise choir before Uncle Ato took over the stage and led the crowd in a very concentrated moment of worship – a session that saw many fall under the anointing as he ministered and saw others sing along with hands raised in worship. Then was a creative gospel poetry moment by a talented poet called Michael of passionate people.

Zuta@Adoration 2015

The lead minister and the convener of Adoration 2015, Eugene Zuta then followed with an hour and a half non-stop rendition of some danceable and popular Ghanaian church tunes and another great moment of worship. The highlight of the night was when Zuta lifted his popular song…Wo So. The crowd took over the song and sang along loudly throughout the ministration, leading to some going forward to surrender their lives to Christ and commit to a life of dedicated reverence to God. Zuta ended his session with the introduction of three of his new songs Woye Mame, a hymn entitled Yesu Christo, which was performed by the Legon Interdenominational (LIC) Choir and Oga.

In a solemn moment of reflection, popular sports Journalist, Christopher Opoku, who himself is a gospel musician, shared a touching testimony of how God miraculously healed him from cancer and preserved his family throughout those challenging moments. Christopher then introduced the last minister for the night, the MOKOBE man, Nii Okai who also carried the experience to a different level with the performance of some of his popular tunes including wanana and the good old Mokobe before treating patrons to his very latest song Trinity.

Another highlight of Adoration 2015 was the exhibition of unity that was demonstrated by gospel musicians in Ghana. Several of them were present to support the programme and also join in worship. Rev. Mary Ghansah, Calvis Hammond, Pastor Isaiah Ofosu Kwakye, Wegeiwor, Ruthy, Selina Boateng, Akese Brempong, were among the numerous gospel musicians who were present to lend support to Eugene Zuta and Adoration 2015.

Adoration 2015 ended with a commitment to the national course as everybody rose on their feet to sing the Ghana National Anthem before Uncle Ato led the crowd in a moment of prayer for Ghana.

“We thank God that he gave us life and the gift to worship him and make him the center of our lives at Adoration 2015. We are grateful that Ghana responded to the call to worship and we are glad that our Jesus was honoured on the day. This is just the beginning, Adoration has come to stay and by God’s grace, it’s going to be an annual affair. Watch out for Adoration 2016,” said Eugene Zuta, founder of Eugene Zuta Ministries and the convener for ADORATION 2015.

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