After all the bellowing by my grumpy, bald-headed supervisor about how “wacky” my six page report was, his gruff voice kept resonating through my head even as I headed home.

I needed a getaway, and fast. Facebook might do the trick, I thought.

So I logged on, and there it was; the artwork for “STRIPPED”, Okyeame Kwame’s upcoming event at +233 Jazz Bar. Sure, there was the usual countless pictures of girls on there, but boy, design was simply gripping. I had to check it out well.

Though it was one of the weirdest artworks I’ve ever seen promoting an event, I have to admit was quite unique and creative. Not as incredible as the “Versatile” human font art, but sue me, the art had its own x factor.

BRA Kwame was naked. Hah! Half-naked I must say; he only had his shirt taken off. The picture however carried the “stripped” concept well- his not so big muscles regardless. What about the shabby handwritten font on the art? I’d say it’s definitely a kid’s. Hold on, what if that’s how Okyeame Kwame writes? Well, let me just reserve that for the much anticipated question and answer session of the intimate show.

The Rap Dacta also goofed slightly with the rate of the show. It’s there on the artwork for all to see. An initial 100 was slashed and replaced with 50. Good to know he’s not perfect. Maybe, he cancelled it so that everyone- including my always- broke- cousin Gyasi, would have no excuse to be absent on that night.

With that being said, one word best describes the artwork and that would be…what’s the word? Yeah. Versatile.

I don’t know about you; but if the tag “OK STRIPPED” is anything to go by, I expect a pole at +233 when a date is set. Who knows? Okyeame Kwame might actually strip for us

Thank you O.K. Your “stripped” artwork sure took my mind off my “wacky” reports. You are indeed, Mr. Versatile!!!


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