Radio/TV Presenter, Bianca Buckman, talks to‘s GAMELI HAMELO, about her rather young but promising career.

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How has the experience been like hosting a segment on ‘This Morning’ on Viasat 1?

It’s been fantastic. It’s a great opportunity and I think it’s made me aware of much more about Ghana than I would have known before so yes its fantastic, Patrice Amegashie, Kokui ( Selormey), they are great people.


Has it made any impact on your life?

I think it’s added more confidence to my work. And as always I keep on saying I really want to refine the art of journalism. I’m not here to report someone has released a song or guess what guys there is a new movie out, you want to dig deeper and to be able to indulge yourself in a great entertainment industry that I think sometimes we take for granted.

How did joining Starr FM come about?

I was approached by Bola Ray in the month of September (2014). And yeah, from there I joined in November, my birth month. I needed some time to work out exactly what I was going to do but it’s been a great step because its more relevant to my age group. We growing, I’m a baby there, at Starr FM so I’m really just learning day by day.

Working her way up...
Working her way up…

Aside Viasat 1 and Starr FM, are you working on a personal project? A TV Show?

Currently, I will say no. You know sometimes people will say ‘yeah, chale we‘ve got some show coming up’, no I’m trying to refine myself and improve, I mean I’ve been in the industry scene for a year now. I started from Radio Gold, interning with KOD (Kofi Okyere Darko) so I feel like I’m just taking those gradual steps and it seems to be working so maybe 2016 will have some bright stuff for me but for now, just catch me on Starr and on Viasat 1.

Bianca can be heard on the EIB Networks-owned Starr FM all week as a co-presenter
Bianca can be heard on the EIB Networks-owned Starr FM all week as a segment presenter

What would you say are the differences between the entertainment industry in Ghana and the UK?

UK is where I was born and bred from a baby till around about 15 so what I can say is both of the places have become home, when I came back to Ghana to school here for about three years, I realized that there was a part of me here as well so I can’t really pick and choose certain things it’s like saying compare Ghana to Dubai or compare Dubai to America. I mean it’s unfair but if I’m here and I’m working it means I enjoy stuff about Ghana as well so yeah I don’t have any discrepancies but yeah they both beautiful countries.

Based on your little experience as a TV/Radio Host who interacts with celebrities/public figures, what would be your advice on how to get branding right?

Young and talented
Young and talented

I’m branding myself to be real. I don’t know if I can talk on my behalf ,  I’m just trying to be myself, I’m not staging anything, I just want to be relatable to my fans. I think sometimes we make celebrities a bit far-fetched in Ghana.

We are not in Hollywood; we are in Accra so I’m trying my best to be on the same page as everyone because I really do think the grass roots people, everyone on the ground are your real fans, you can’t box yourself so I don’t think I have necessarily advice but what’s work for me has been just taking my time and trying to be relatable.

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