Technology giant, Samsung dominated Ghana Energy Commission’s recently-released list of energy efficient refrigerators and freezers on the Ghanaian market.

Based on energy efficiency index obtained from test reports, 12 of Samsung’s fridges and freezers were listed in five separate categories. In the category of between 151 litres – 200litres, the Samsung RA21PTIH and Samsung RL21FC models were rated as 3-star and the cost of consumption for both refrigerators annually were 230 and 270 Ghana Cedis (GHC) respectively.

The Samsung RT26FARWD and Samsung RT28FARED Refrigerators were rated 4-star with annual consumptions 208 and 234GHC, whiles the Samsung RL23FC was rated 3-star with an annual consumption of252 GHC, in the 201 – 250 litres category.

Four Samsung products made the list in the 251 litres – 350 litres category. The Samsung RT40FAREDSA, Samsung RT34FAREDSA, RB34FERCDSA, had annual consumptions of 243,251,272 GHC and were rated 4-Star each. Whiles the Samsung RB39FERCDSA was rated 3-s tar with an annual consumption of 280 GHC, in the same category. Two Refrigerator, the Samsung RT5562 and Samsung RT49FAAEDSA score 4-star each, with annual consumptions of 338 and 271GHC respectively. Samsung was also present in the Freezer category, the Samsung RZ90E had an annual consumption of 447GHC.

The ratings were based on electricity consumptions of each products based on its volume, compressor technology, usage and refrigerant used.

Typically Refrigerators can consume as much as 1,200kWh per year and contribute to a running cost of about GHC 40 monthly.

Director of Consumer Electronic at Samsung Electronics West Africa (SEWA), Vishwas Saxena said “In an era of inconsistent power-supply, energy conservation is very crucial. This calls for energy efficient appliance and Samsung offers our consumers just that as our refrigerators are designed to have power-saving features, which makes them consume less power than usual.

Vishwas added that Samsung refrigerators with unique DURACOOL technology are able to maintain the temperature from – 18oC to 0oC for up to 12 hours after power cut, hence keeping items cool and fresh. The refrigerators also come with digital inverters Compressor that intelligently varies its power and running speed as per the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. This provides options for quick pull down or freezing, or to run at a very low speed once the cabinet is at a steady state, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption.


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