Sara Yaa Nyamekye Bempah, Canada-based Ghanaian Presenter talks to’s Gameli Hamelo about her new production ‘A New Africa’.

Why the name ‘A New Africa’?

When the concept of the show, ‘A New Africa’, was proposed to me by my brother, Nana Bediako, and friend, Yaw Tony, I thought of the title ‘Let’s Talk Africa’. Upon checks, I realized that the title, ‘Let’s Talk Africa’ was taken. Immediately I began to brainstorm title ideas, and then I came up with what I think is the best title for the show, ‘A New Africa’.

What’s the show about?

‘A New Africa’ is a show that is dedicated to inspiring young professionals to create and motivate change on the continent of Africa by discussing relevant and current issues pertaining to the continent. The show also aims to uncover the truth and educate.

Which platform will the show be on? When does it start airing?

It premiered on Youtube on March 3, 2015. As time goes on, I would like for other television networks to pick up the show as well.

Yaa with some guests
Yaa with some guests

Which people make up the guest list of the show?

All of my cast members are young professionals.

What difference do you think the show would have on the continent?

By bringing young people together to discuss what’s going on in the continent, the aim is to motivate change, and put Africa in a new light. For centuries the continent has been seen as a “country” filled with poor savages. The concept of the continent has been misconstrued; I am hoping that through this show, a new and better understanding of the continent can be created.

How different is this show compared to others that have just about the same theme?

There are many shows out there that discuss current events on the continent, but how many shows have a cast of young professionals, each individual with different perspectives expressing their views, and uncovering ways through which we can make a real difference in our homeland.


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