We published the below on April 25, 2014. We are republishing it in remembrance of the one year death anniversary of Fennec Okyere, the late manager of musician Kwaw Kese.

Hammer of the Last Two has released the Narrative on Fennec Okyere he promised.

It features poet Nana Asaase, and Kwaw Kese. Hammer sampled the instrumentation for Edem’s ‘Nyornuviade‘.

We told you two days ago…

Producer, Edward Osei Hammer, of the Last Two Music Group, has put together what is, a fine ‘narrative’ – aptly titled ‘Echoes from the Grave’ – of Okyere.

fennec 1

The ‘echoes’ are somewhat the very last words of Mr Okyere before he got killed on the morning of March 13.

Okyere had gone to Hammer’s studio, when a call from an industry colleague came through. Somehow, the latter asked him to go into the studio booth instead, so he records him while on the phone. He willingly did. He later dropped him (Hammer) at the airport, when he was leaving for the United Kingdom, only to hear of his death subsequently.

“This is the legacy he left us,” Hammer fondly says of his friend.

A hardworking manager in his time, he is credited with handling Kese’s career in a fashion that was so admirable.


His mortal remains will be laid to rest at the forecourt of the Trade Fair Centre on Saturday, the family has said.

A private burial will be held for him later in the day.

He was 31, and left behind one child, and wife.

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