Over the years, the talk of who best fits as a good rapper(s) has lingered in the industry with each analyst boldly declaring his/her ‘Best Rapper’ , backed with reasons, some being rational and some being utter garbage.

Inspired by the short argument on Happy FM’s ‘Showbiz Xtra’ on who the ‘Best Rapper’ of all time in Ghana is; I wade into the thorny subject with my own analysis on the person (s) who have really lived the true art of rap over the period.

Rap can be an extremely subjective art with staunch following and as such, it is not easy for core fans to agree on what, exactly, makes an amazing rapper; but I will try to make the subject easy and try to ‘kill’ the argument once and for all – or maybe, stoke the fire and make it worse, with my list of ‘Best Rappers of All Time’.

The list has nothing to do with decoration; how many albums one has or how many awards one have won or how many platforms one has mounted. It is simply based on the craft –rap.

Originality, clarity, intelligence/wordplay, punchline, metaphor/simile, message, style-switch/innovation, delivery, and rhyme/flow are the criteria that make a rapper an awesome MCee and the guys on my list have all or almost all the attributes.

But wait; don’t forget it is my list; you can agree, disagree, do your own or go hang yourself if you can’t do any of the stated options;

  1. Tinny

Tinny makes Ga rap look and sound refreshing. His delivery is effortless with an impressive wordplay full of clarity. He got ‘mad’ skills and his style-switch is always on point on most of his songs. He may be struggling now, but it doesn’t deny him his place on the list.

  1. Bright (Buk Bak)

Bling Sparkles is one helluva of a rapper. Apart from his ability to sing with much aplomb, he also has very good rapping skills. His confidence, delivery and flow are interesting and he has such an enviable level of intelligence in rhymes.  His versatility shines bright whether he’s rapping in twi, Ga or English; he can do it all.


  1. Barima Sydney

The former front man of the pioneer group, Nananom, is one of the most over-looked good rappers in Ghana. Sydney has style, always has a message and his metaphors/similes are always on point, and yes, he has good delivery and punchlines too.

  1. Okomfo Kwadee

Some have questioned his precision on beats but regardless, Kwadee is a great rapper. He is arguably the best story teller in Ghanaian rap music. He gets you hooked with plots of his stories, inundated with thought-provoking messages and he has always stayed original.

  1. M.anifest

M.anifest arguably has a better grasp of what rap is than most rappers in Ghana, and he lives it. Put him on any song and on any stage and he will enthrall you. He is original, has such an infectious flow, full of intelligence and has those mind-blowing punchlines.

  1. Reggie Rockstone

Whether he invented ‘hiplife’ or not, there’s no skepticism that Reggie is a prolific rapper. He has always been innovative with his lines, which are riddled with near-impeccable wordplay and precision. Reggie has style and he can switch it to perfect any beat and his delivery is impressive.

  1. Sarkodie

There’s no shred of doubt about his abilities in rap. His punchlines and wordplay are ‘crazy’; out of this world.  He exudes confidence on any song, he has control, precision, plus; he is ingenious, has such fluid delivery and he is very intelligent too.

  1. Okyeame Kwame

Kwame has bits of everything an amazing rapper should possess. Devoid of vulgarity, swear words and violent-induced inclinations, his lines are rich in message, full of intelligence – have such clarity and oh yes, he has incredible delivery and rhyme/flow.

  1. Lord Kenya

He may have made a holy switch but his legacy and place in Ghanaian rap remains intact. Very innovative in his confident and punchline –laden rap lines, he was able to switch-styles with such ease and he commands a very good flow.


  1. Obrafour

Is there anyone better? Of course not! Every attribute that defines rap, Obrafour has it; originality, clarity, wordplay, punchline, metaphor, message, innovation, delivery, and rhyme/flow. He is simply the greatest of all.

By: Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo


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