Being a regular face on television brings its own peculiar concerns but TV3 sports presenter, Juliet Bawuah, says she could not be bothered about certain comments and would continue to host her programme despite the challenges.

She thinks people still underestimate her ability to be an effective sports presenter on television because of her gender.

In an interview with The Mirror, she said though she has overcome a lot of challenges in her job, there are still some men who believe she is in the profession for all sorts ofridiculous reasons.

“You hear a lot of comments from different quarters.  Some people believe I’m in the job just to get hooked to a rich footballer. This is because I’m often surrounded byfootballers and administrators throughout on the job,” she said.

Juliet holds a Diploma in Communication Studies from the African University College of Communications as well as a Degree in Journalism and Public Relations from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Juliet Bawuah
Juliet Bawuah

She said she almost gave up on the job in 2010 due to public pressure.

“After the World Cup, I kept hearing all manner of rumours about me just because I was seen on television interviewing some of the footballers. People do not say these things in my face but try to indirectly question my intelligence and competence,” she said.

The sports presenter pointed out that she was dismayed by those challenges but was rather working on improving her skills in her profession.

“Challenges come with every profession. I believe it all boils down to proving my competence and desire for the job. If you distinguish yourself and show that you are willing to put in more work and dedication, you will gradually show the quality that you have and with that comes the respect.”

The pretty hostess disclosed that though she is recognised in public, fame hasn’t changed or affected her personality and habits.

“I still do everything I was doing before I started appearing on television. If I’m in town and I’m hungry and want to grab some ‘waakye’ from the corner, I will do that.  I was Juliet before I started appearing on television and I am not going to change,” she stated.

She, however, said she has been receiving marriage proposals from fans and people who watch her shows.

“I get people sending me text messages and marriage proposals but I always make it a point to ignore them because I don’t want to lead anyone on.”

Juliet co-hosted the just- ended African Nations Cup (AFCON 2015) show on TV3 and described it as her most difficult challenge yet.

“AFCON was a very big platform because the entire country was watching and one needed to be accurate throughout the entire event. I thank the people who gave me the opportunity to prove myself on such a huge platform. It shows they have identified a potential in me that they want to develop,” she stated.

Published in Friday February 27 edition of the Mirror

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