For us Street Etiquette is more than a website. It’s more than the clothing. It’s like a lifestyle that we’ve built, just on inspirations around us. It’s not all about Travis and myself—it’s bigger than that.

It’s what we’re inspired by, whether it’s traveling, clothing—just everything that encompasses life for us, is classified as Street Etiquette. So it’s more than a website. The site is like the platform where we put ideas that we have and what we’re inspired by. It’s just the portfolio.

Why you should listen to his talk:

Africa is not a physical destination but a emotional journey in everyone’s hearts, whether you’re from West Indies, South America, United States and various parts through out the Diaspora, we all have a connection to the continent. Street Etiquette represents what the continent needs to evolve to which is connections through co-founders one, West Indian and the other Ghanaian to not only bring the continent and other countries together but the world. It’s the missing gaps, we’re missing those missing stories that we all have to do our part in bridging and creating together

Quote from Street Etiquette:

“Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up…”

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Tedx Accra is schduled for the 11th of April, 2015 at the National Theather, Accra.

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