Comedian, DKB, believes that “the acceptance of GH Comedy” is what has led to local comedy acts getting the chance to perform on major entertainment platforms in recent times.

“It’s the acceptance that brought the mainstream shows,” he told in an interview.

“If the acceptance had been there from day one , we would have been doing mainstream shows not now, but a long time ago so it’s just about the acceptance and the belief that if we entrust this show into this guy’s hands , he can come out well so yes its just the acceptance because we’ve been good.”

What led to the acceptance?

“Night of Thousand Laughs, I kid you not, because it’s the biggest comedy platform in Ghana and we have our own comedy platforms: corporate comedy series, the biggest Ghanaian comedy road show, we go to all the regions in Ghana. I also have DKB Live; it’s my comedy tour, from campus to campus. And we have our monthly comedy show – Comedy Bar at Silver Lounge. All these comedy platforms brought the attention that really there are Ghanaian comedians.

“And then The Night of Laughs took it as an opportunity to try out me – that was August 2, 2014, so it came out well and the important stakeholders in the media endorsed it that I did very well and blah blah. It made the event organizers believe in the name DKB.”

Shatta and DKB

The comedian has however been criticized for the content of his jokes as being too vulgar and offensive, an assertion he vehemently disagrees with.

“How would you perform about people who are part of ethnic relations in Ghana and you wouldn’t talk about them. How can you crack a decent joke about Ghanaians without talking about their ethnicity? If you say you are Ghanaian, you don’t talk about Ewes, you don’t talk about Gas? How are you performing? I don’t know what comedy is if you don’t talk about the people.

“I’ve heard people say I cracked jokes about the president and its offensive. They have no idea about comedy. These are issues trending in the country. I will talk about pertinent social issues so those who say that, I don’t really accept that. We have to talk about the people because we are performing for them basically.”

Despite the criticisms, DKB says he is grateful for the support thus far.

By: Gameli Hamelo/

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