Sena Dede Ahadji is a creative and social entrepreneur who provides start-ups and existing enterprises with creative design solutions to their business needs. She is passionate about triggering the creativity of the youth to bring about artistic change in her community.

Sena believes we are our own agents of change and advocates the use of self-discipline, perseverance, transparency, working smart and commitment to one’s goals to effect this change.

Always looking to improve upon her craft and hone her skills, she continuously explores new and innovative avenues of climbing the learning curve. Furthermore, the unpredictability of the outcome of creating different works of art makes the process adventurous and exhilarating

Why you should listen to her talk?

Design is at the centre of the world we inhabit and plays a vital role in the lives of all. However the perception of design and the creative who conjures it are things that need to be changed and Sena believes this is an amazing platform to exhibit how she is contributing to effecting this change. Come unleash your innate creativity.

Quote from Sena: “Be the change”

Sena on Social Media:

Facebook: Sena Ahadji

Twitter: SenaAhadji


Tedx Accra is schduled for the 11th of April, 2015 at the National Theather, Accra.

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